Designing facebook landing page

A Facebook landing page is same as any other landing page. It has a function of driving visitor action. It compels fans to donate, or buy, or sign up for a newsletter, with one major difference. A Facebook landing page is published to a custom tab within your facebook page.

Now, you must be wondering that why do we need a Facebook landing page? Here’s an answer to it, when users reach your main facebook page, they are met with all these buttons and your posts and reviews. Your main landing page serves as a point of going to other parts of your page, but when it comes to getting fans to convert, there are many distractions to it.

On a Facebook landing page however there are fewer distractions. That means a higher chance for conversions.

Examples of some Facebook landing are here to help you figure out how to create yours.

  • MailChimp
  • Groupon
  • PR Daily
  • GetResponse

How to create a facebook landing page-

Step1- Choose the kind of landing page you want to create by selecting a template. Such as-

  • Lead gen template.
  • 2-step lead gen template
  • Click through template
  • Webinar template
  • Mobile app template
  • “Thank you” page template

Step2- Customize your landing page. By changing page colours, drag elements.

Step3- Make sure mobile is enabled.

Step4- Publish

Step5- Select the page you want to add your facebook landing page to.

Step6- Use your custom URL.

Step7- Edit the custom tab of your page.

And you are done!

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