Difference between Static & dynamic Websites

We meet with two kinds of sites:

Static and Dynamic. A static site is composed in plain HTML. A dynamic site is utilizing a server-side scripting dialect PHP, ASP, JSP.

In the least difficult terms, static Website pages are those with content that can’t change without a creator changing its source code, while dynamic Website can show unique substance from a related source code.
Static sites include a settled number of pages and group of website page is settled which carries data to the client. There is 110 change in the substance of website page while a page is running on client program. This sort of sites made from HTML and CSS coding on a basic content tool like a scratch pad. Case an association site, business site and so on. Static sites heap rapidly on client program since it has just some markup substance.

Dynamic Web pages are furnished for addressing diverse substance for various companies from a similar source code record. The site can show diverse substance in light of what working framework or program the customer is using, regardless of whether they are using a PC or a cell phone, or even the source that alluded the customer.It can make website page powerfully, targets set aside some opportunity to stack on customer program since it forms the demand server side and makes something powerfully.
Static destinations never utilize database network.
Dynamic goals manage the database and create the substance powerfully using database queries.

“. A dynamic Web page isn’t really superior to anything a static Web page. The two actually fill different needs.”

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