Responsive Website Design

During the year 2000s, people were not very aware of the new technologies that exist today and people might not have even thought about Mobile Responsiveness. Leave the websites aside even Google, without which the world would have been shaken down to its roots, wasn’t as efficient as it is today. Technology has taken a complete U-turn and many more turns are left to be taken. In the last 20 years or so people have taken an interest into UI (user Interface) and improving the UX (User Experience).

Websites are a great way to showcase your niche, business, talent, inform, spread your ideas etc. HTML is the basic markup language powering the entirety of the web applications and now even mobile apps using third party software. JavaScript is the scripting language responsible for the dynamic nature of the websites, animation and data validation etc. Earlier web pages were served in HTML4 without much design but with the advent of CSS/CSS3, the design became more aesthetic. It opens a whole new world before web developers with hundreds of new possibilities.

With CSS (Cascading style sheets) developers from twitter created twitter-bootstrap which allowed web pages to be served across a wide platform of devices rather than just desktop PC. Later many other followed the trail and created several other responsive libraries which are unique in their own way. Today we have moved to Web 2.0 where everything is responsive and Google’s new search algorithm now serves websites that are primarily Mobile Responsive. It even provides several tools to optimize your pages.

At our company, we take your requests and put your wishes and designs first. We are and always have been customer first company. Our company takes greater care to develop responsive applications that follow all the Web 2.0 guidelines and suitable web stack to ensure that you enjoy long term benefit and cost effective solutions. Our highly skilled developers and managers follow the agile principles as well they conform to the latest security updates to make sure that you have a pleasant experience while working. For every web solution or portal or web application, we develop we ensure that they are completely mobile responsive so that you can access them from all your devices without any problem. We firmly believe in timely delivery & cost-efficient solutions along with consistency and premium quality.


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