Codeigniter Development

Code Igniter (CI) is an open source PHP framework used to create responsive and effective websites or web applications.

Code Igniter is among the top three most popular PHP frameworks in 2016 with a huge community of Open Source developers and powering more than 2 million active websites. Code Igniter development is to create high performance dynamic websites that are robust and fast loading. It is also known for its tiny size which is often a problem with other popular frameworks. CI provides a comprehensive set of libraries for commonly used tasks in web development instead of creating code from the scratch. This increases the ease of development and also makes the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) shorter.

CI is a smart application development framework which follows the MVC structure,

but doesn’t forces to use it and hence giving flexibility for development, it is even mentioned in official site as “Code Igniter encourages MVC, but does not force it on you.” CI offers another great advantage when it comes to configuration, no need for complex configuration since most of it done by convention but still gives flexibility to use your own. It is very much compatible with almost all dedicated hosts and supports the major databases available including MySQL and postgrads. CI also takes care in Securing your application from most of the well-known vulnerabilities like XSS, CSRF, SQLi etc. and also build the SEO friendly rules for your pages and posts.

Our team of professional developers have been working and building Web Applications

using the Code Igniter framework for many years and have successfully launched such apps. We specialize in developing and designing any kind of CI applications you require while conforming to your needs. We take utmost care to meet your requirements. We deliver quick, simple yet effective and visible solutions to language scripting development using Code Igniter.

We also provide complete support during the entire lifecycle of the store development.

In addition to these we also help you with the following:
1. Free Domain Registration: With our hosting plans you get a free domain name for your new application. The validity ends never and it’s yours for life.
2. Free Website Hosting: We take complete care for your Website Hosting so you don’t have to worry about Server optimization for getting support for customer service etc.
3. Free One Year Support: We provide complete support for upgrades to the software for an entire one year. In addition to the software you also receive bug fixes and other necessary small changes.
4. Free Website Migration Assistance: Migrating to a new hosting or moving to a new domain? We understand that sometimes these can be very challenging and frustrating and hence our team of experienced developers helps you ease the process.