Drupal Development

Drupal is an open source content management system which was written by using PHP.

Most of the internet websites use this CMS for their websites back-end framework. At Least 2.2% of all websites uses Drupal Backend for their websites worldwide like most of the personal blogs, government sites, corporate companies and also some political sites. Drupal core is the standard release of Drupal. It contains some of the basic features like user account register, RSS feeds, registration, and maintenance. It can be used as the single or multi-user blog or internet forum. It can be also used as the community site. Drupal is a web application framework.

Drupal is one of the leading open source CMS having more than one million members and also have 1,05000 members actively contributing to Drupal.

It also has about more than 35,800 free modules that extend and customize Drupal functionality. It has thousands of free themes which is used to customize the look of Drupal. It also runs on any kind of computing platform both a web server capable of running PHP and a uses database to store content and configuration.

Drupal is yet to announce the security nature of each vulnerability.

Drupal sites administrators are notified the new releases about update status module automatically. Drupal has the history some security vulnerabilities. They fix eleven security vulnerabilities when it was reported in the year 2008. 64 of 2243 security holes in user contributed modules are found and fixed.
Drupal core is the optional modules that will be enabled by the admin to use another extended functionality of the core module. They have so much number of features including access statistics and logging, advanced search, multi-level system, multi-site support, OpenID support, user profiles and much more other features. Drupal maintains the detailed changelog of core features updated by each version. Drupal also helps to design responsive web designs.

Responsive web design is a powerful web design used in modern days.

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