Moodle Development

Modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment, in short, is known as Moodle.

It is software which is developed especially for education and learning the purpose and written in PHP coding. It is registered under the General Public License and also it is used in many universities for e-learning programs and for the distance education classes. This technology is even used in many industries and corporate companies for their meetings and general schedules.
The Moodle Development has many features which are useful for many youngsters and also benefitted and it helps them to achieve their goals. It has been further classified into
1. Course Management system
2. Learning Management system
3. Virtual learning system

Moodle has created awareness among the students and the educational institutions in which he/she can learn and develop several coding languages for future learning courses.

There are many millions of people are using and getting benefitted out of it. Moodle is used in different types of features which are useful in Compiling assignments, grading sheets, quick messages, updating online calendar, to download the document and any types of files, it is helpful in formulating the online quiz and which helps to conduct an interview for many companies. Moodle has been supported with various operating systems like Linux, MAC OS X, Windows, Netware and UNIX. Let us discuss the features in detail:

Virtual Learning System:

It a web based technology which is widely used in the educational institutions. It has been used either in group wise or according to the roles they are performing according to the activities which are performed in the different stages of assessment. It is used in the high level of education that is like college education and intermediate education.

Course Management System:

Course management helps the developers to develop a tool which will help them in creating a course website. It is e-learning platform which helps mainly for the development of the architectural program. Sometimes Learning Management System also acts like a course management system. These are some of the uses of Module which has been used in the educational system and benefited from a large number of students globally.