Potal Website Design

The website design portal is the tool which brings information together from different sources in a uniform way. Every information’s source gets its own area on the page to display it that area is called port let.
Portal may use search engine to permit users to search intranet as opposed to extranet content by domains may be searched as a part of this common search engine features.
The portal website may offers different services such like news, stock, emails, entertainment content or even information from databases.

The website portals are classified as verticals and horizontal.

The vertical portals provides digital publications, editorial content, and e commerce capabilities in contrast to traditional vertical portals those portals are also provides dynamics multimedia applications including social networking , video posting and blogging. While the horizontal portals is using platforms to deferent companies in the same economic field and the same type of distributer.

Types of web portals:

1. Personal portals: It is a web page includes Java script and perhaps running in a modified web browser that provide personalized abilities to its users providing a path away to other content. Information, news, and updates are examples of content that would be delivered through such a portal.
2. Governmental web portals: Many governments committed to creating portal sites for their citizens which consists of two types of portals primary portals for government usage and developed portals for the public usage
3. Corporate web sites: It began in late 90s as a result of increasing the web content and user management challenges and the user’s desires to personalization and customization. It is collaborates between work groups and policy managed content publication.
4. Cultural portals: This type of portals provides a point of access to invisible web cultural content such like galleries, libraries, archives and museums.
5. Stock portals: It a web based applications that facilitate the process of informing the shareholders with substantial online data it is also called stock share portals or stock exchange.
6. Search portals: Search portals aggregate results from several search engine into one page.
7. Tender portals: Is a gateway for government suppliers to bid on providing goods and services.