PSD to Html5 Convert

Firstly, I would love to clarify that HTML is not a programming language.

It is a language of content description used by the websites to display web pages. Through determine fonts size and color and the headlines it can display it with images and Tags.
HTML 5 is the current version of the HTML standard. HTML5 is ratified by W3C organization as the newest standard which allows the voice and video files inclusion in browser pages with no need of assistant program like ADOBE FLASH.
And set up high sophisticated animation by using new Tag named canvas. It gained immense fame when Google decided to officially adopt HTML5 to YOUTUBE and advertising network ADWORDS abandoning the adobe flash.

When it comes to photo shop designs we always need to edit it manually or by an image editor and I will describe the process step by step below, here

1_get your eye catching mock up photoshop design in the pattern you exactly want your website to look like and it would have elements like (header, navigation bar, footer and side bar).
2_this photo shop design should be made in layers to work on every layer separately and if it is not a layered design then you have to divide it into slices with the help of the slicing tool.
3_after the w3c recommendation HTML5 as the latest HTML standard and along with that new level of cascading style briefly CSS3 has also come out which eventually lets you make a responsive websites using the media queries.
It is a very easy mission in fact to the point where you will not need expertise help in designing your websites. Web designers and developers have stripped your money over the years because of the browser compatibility issues, however the latest versions of the major web browsers face no compatibility issues as the HTML5 sets a different standard. Moreover, the HTML5 semantic elements provide the facility to add semantic tags which improve the set up structure in an instant hence enhancing the quality of the web page, making it easier to read and understand. Seemingly, the most attractive feature offered by the

HTML5 is client-side storage as it allows you to store data in your browser that shall remain across various sessions.

And after you have decided to store data in the browser, there is another boon that helps you to operate your web application even when a user is offline, the application cache of HTML5 enables you to ensure your application is online by connecting you to the navigator.
With the increasing competition in the digital world, the HTML5 comes across as a gift for the young web developers and designers as it curbs out the need to go to the traditional web designers which cost you a fortune. With HTML5, you can start developing your web page or web application today.