Shopify Development

Shopify is an e-commerce company founded by Tobias Lutke in 2004.

It is a Canadian based company which develops computer software for an online store. This company software is produced and designed for the purpose of the online shop only. Shopify is the best software tool that has everything you need for running a successful online Shopping portal. It will help you to design a beautiful and attractive online store. It has the customers of over 30000 online merchants.

Most of the online store uses this software for their online store.

Online stores, such as Amnesty International, Evisu Jeans and much more are some of them. This e-commerce host has the unlimited bandwidth which is helpful to reach even with mobile phones. You can use this application all features in mobile sites too.

This Shopify is capable of producing one of the best online stores to their customers.

You can start the new online stores within a few minutes and it will be very helpful for the ones who want the start the store quickly. You can have the option to edit your showed products by a snap. Shopify helps the customers of your site to use all kinds of payment gateways.
If you want to start the online store to increase your business reach. you can contact Acme solutions, they develop one of the best design of shop using Shopify. The designers will also assist you if you have any issue or doubts in the products.

Shopify is one of the most praised and well received by all tech based websites.

It is also on the list fast company’s list of most innovative company in 2012. Tobias Lutke won the prestigious award called the globe and Mail’s CEO of the year in 2014. They are the best and only dedicated tools for all your online shop portal needs
Shopify has three different plans for their customers and they are Basic Shopify, Shopify, and also advance Shopify. Basic Shopify plan has limited features like staff accounts, number of products and maximum retail package. Shopify has slightly better features than basic but it lacks real-time carrier shipping and report builder. Advance Shopify plan has all the features you are looking for in online store. The price range is from $29 for basic, $79 for Shopify and $ 299for advanced Shopify.