Website Maintanance

Websites are a great way to showcase your niche, business, talent, inform, spread your ideas etc.

The content of the website may vary greatly among different individual and or organizations but the general structure remains same. HTML is the basic markup language powering the entirety of the web applications and now even mobile apps using third party software. CSS is used to design the HTML tags and improve the User Experience. JavaScript is the scripting language responsible for the dynamic nature of the websites, animation and data validation etc.

As discussed above websites are great and they really show off your identity and improve your portfolio.

As we progress to latest Web 2.0 things don’t seem that easy because of the constant increase in the complexity of Web Applications. Nowadays the web development stack can be broadly divided into two parts like Front-End Development and Back-End Development, while the former deals with the front end, UI/UX and dynamic behavior the latter mainly deals with how the application works, database connections. Creation, Deletion, Updating of website data etc. are done by the back end server side programming language along with other tools like database ORM (Object Relational Mapping).

There are several stacks that one can follow such as PHP/MYSQL/Apache or if Ruby on Rails with Postgrads etc.

Most of them will behave the same way but have their own differences. The primary problem lies the way one manages them. Most applications deployed on servers require heavy resources and bandwidth, many requests and response cycle etc. As the application attracts more and more users to their website the load on the server increases and if not maintained properly using other tools like Reds/Unicorn to handle concurrent connections it may break the website which will be harmful since you will not only lose customers but leave your application vulnerable to security threats. Maintenance of a website is very important is require attention from both being a web developer and server administrator.
At our company, we take the utmost care to handle such situations discussed above. We have separate teams for such maintenance who work closely with the development team. The application we build for you we provide complete care to maintain a 100% uptime at a very affordable price. We guarantee to make you make your application run smoothly in a scalable form 100% of the time.