Web Portals are web applications based on a specialized idea for business. Web portals are not restricted by the domain or class of a business and very often it is found to be a combination of multiple concepts coalesced into one big application. In real time most products based companies or people who provide or hosting web micro-services have custom applications built and hosted on their server to manage the background working. These types of applications are what we usually classify as Web Portals.

Web Applications such as Job Portal, Hosting Provider, Resume Builder, Real Estate Property Finder etc. Similar type of Web applications can be classified into another group of Enterprise Portals. Enterprise portals are a highly productive usually intranet or extra-net-based workplaces to engage the users of a company at different levels with different user authorization. They usually feature tools for collaborative project and team work management for different projects or workflows. These applications perform a greater amount of automation task which is monitored and logged. The level of complexity is also greater.

Web Portals usually include several different small services to be integrated into one or become a larger application. Examples of such smaller modules are Google Maps integration, Facebook Social graph, and integration with an open source shopping cart, adding a CMS or blogging application like Tumbler or Word Press. Web Portals have greater complexity since it requires greater care to design the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and follow agile methods to ensure long-term support. Security another major concern because when several modules work together it is very likely that one or the other contradicts the security or authentication mechanism.

At our company, we take greater care to develop web portals follow all the best guidelines and latest web stacks to ensure that you enjoy long term benefit and cost effective solutions. Our highly skilled developers and managers follow the agile principles as well the conform to the latest security updates to make sure that you have a pleasant experience while working. We deliver portal solutions of a wide variety of types, scope, and complexity. We also customize existing open source modules into the web portals as and when needed, according to your needs and integrate any payment gateway you require. We firmly believe in timely delivery & cost-efficient solutions along with consistency and premium quality.