Wordpress Development

Word press is an example of CMS systems that supports all kinds of abilities.

It is more than building blogs specialized system even if it was the main reason of using this system. Nowadays it is using worldwide to build news websites, online shopping websites and forums but still the basic competence of word press is establishing blogs and blogs is that system which is used to set up and to write articles chronologically classified. It has been created in 2003 and built using PHP programming language and MySQL database. Word press is the most popular famous and trusted system used to build websites by all of the experts and amateurs who is familiar with this system

Word press is open source software system

simple and easy to use and widely used by 60% of content management websites users and it is clear evidence of success of CMS systems. Most of CMS giant systems are open source no wonder the team work idea contribute the system continuity and cohesion by allowing many and many developers and volunteers to work together for years on system developing and giving high technical support all the time. Word press is one of giant system that have been moved to powerful level of professionalism that makes it the first choice to whom wants to have new website.

There are a lot of benefits if you choose word press as CMS system to set up your website such like:

1. The powerfully fast developing system.
2. Easy to setup at one click and easy to follow up all recent up to date versions.
3. Simplicity is the main word in usage and templates adapting.
4. Searching engines friendly and compatible with web standards.
5. Flexible system enables you to add or delete any extras.
6. Flexible assorted templates most of it is non-chargeable.
7. System scalability for development and renewal making it promising environment for aspiring developer who is seeking their skills reinforcement.

In our considered opinion the most fact about word press that permanent development that cause less mistakes and almost no problems usage and that is who the system drew the wide fame.